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You can listen to various sermons delivered to our congregation anytime by clicking on the links below. You can also download any sermon by right-clicking on the sermon title and selecting the "Save target as..." option. 
Sermon Archive
A Question about Grace -- Danny Boggs
A Question about Faith -- Danny Boggs
Questions about Baptism -- Luke Yates
Questions about Losing Salvation -- Danny Boggs
Questions about Assurance -- Danny Boggs
Questions about Worship -- Luke Yates
Questions about the Church -- Luke Yates

The Armor of God -- Danny Boggs
The Belt of Truth -- Danny Boggs
The Brestplate of Righteousness -- Danny Boggs
The Shoes of Readiness -- Danny Boggs
The Shield of Faith -- Danny Boggs
The Helmet of Salvation -- Danny Boggs
The Sword of Spirit -- Danny Boggs
Prayer -- Danny Boggs

Mutualism: Evidence of God in Nature -- Danny Boggs
What Man Didn't Know -- Luke Yates
Why Did God Make Mosquitoes? -- Danny Boggs
Why I Believe in God -- Danny Boggs
The World God Made -- Danny Boggs

4 Reasons I'm Glad That I'm a Christian -- Danny Boggs
Always Upward! -- Danny Boggs
Bona Fide Wheat, Pt. 1 -- Danny Boggs
Bona Fide Wheat, Pt. 2 -- Danny Boggs
The Business of Boycotting -- Luke Yates
Can You See through Suffering? -- Danny Boggs
Choose Your Label -- Josh King
Christian: Does the Name Fit? -- Danny Boggs
Christians First -- Danny Boggs
Complete Confidence in Christ -- Luke Yates
Courageous Evangelism -- Luke Yates
Declaration of Dependence -- Danny Boggs
Dressed the Right Way -- Luke Yates
Enduring Doubts -- Danny Boggs
Faith All Over -- Danny Boggs
Figures of Forgiveness -- Luke Yates
Free Indeed -- Danny Boggs
Fresh Produce -- Danny Boggs
Friends and Enemies -- Danny Boggs
God and His Children -- Danny Boggs
Got Plans? -- Danny Boggs
The Greatest Race -- Luke Yates
Gripex -- Danny Boggs
Grow in Knowledge -- Luke Yates
Habits of a Faithful Christian -- Danny Boggs
Horses, Ships, and Forest Fires -- Luke Yates
How Does God Want Us to Dress? -- Danny Boggs
I Love People! -- Danny Boggs
I'm Adopted! -- Danny Boggs
Impossible to Renew Again to Repentance -- Danny Boggs
It's Not the Thought that Counts -- Danny Boggs
Judging Our Judgments -- Danny Boggs
Learn Obedience -- Danny Boggs
Love Your Enemies -- Danny Boggs
Lying -- Josh King
Maintaining Our Joy -- Luke Yates
Make Me a Servant -- Luke Yates
The Marks of the True Christian -- Luke Yates
Me Too: A Lesson in Obedience -- Danny Boggs
More than We Ask or Imagine -- Danny Boggs
The Most Stubborn Truth -- Danny Boggs
No Regrets -- Danny Boggs
No Root of Bitterness -- Danny Boggs
Old Age Insurance -- Danny Boggs
Old Self/New LIfe -- Luke Yates
Our Optimistic Outlook -- Luke Yates
The Parable of the Brats -- Danny Boggs
Pornography: God Is Able to Deliver Your -- Danny Boggs
The Power of Godliness -- Danny Boggs
Put on Christ -- Danny Boggs
Remember Lot's Wife! -- Danny Boggs
Soak up the Son -- Danny Boggs
Solving Technology's Temptations, Pt. 1 -- Danny Boggs
Solving Technology's Temptations, Pt. 2 -- Danny Boggs
Surviving Disappointment -- Danny Boggs
The Things We Leave Undone -- Danny Boggs
This Is a Christian: Distinct -- Danny Boggs
This Is a Christian: Persuaded -- Danny Boggs
This Is a Christian: Steadfast -- Danny Boggs
Through the Roof -- Danny Boggs
What Do I Do with Doubt? -- Danny Boggs
What Is Lacking in Christ's Afflictions -- Danny Boggs
What Is Patience? -- Danny Boggs
What Kind of Christian Do You Want to Be? -- Danny Boggs
What to Wear? -- Danny Boggs
When Persecution Is Good -- Luke Yates
When Someone Wanders -- Danny Boggs
When to Tolerate Wrong -- Danny Boggs
Who Will Do It? -- Danny Boggs
Whom Will God Judge? -- Danny Boggs
Why Work? -- Danny Boggs
Wisdom Woman vs. Lustful Lady -- Luke Yates
You're Not a Vestigial Organ! -- Luke Yates

Acts 2:37-41 -- Jake King
The Biggest Problem in the Church -- David Shannon
Characteristics of the Faith, Pt. 1 -- Luke Yates
Characteristics of the Faith, Pt. 2 -- Luke Yates
The Church of Love -- Luke Yates
A City of Refuge -- Danny Boggs
Deacon: A Role with Jesus Written All over It -- Danny Boggs
Family that Matters -- Danny Boggs
Hillcrest: Home of God -- Danny Boggs
I Wouldn't Be a Member of This Church -- Danny Boggs
Just Our Interpretation? -- Danny Boggs
Let Brotherly Love Continue -- Danny Boggs
The Living Stones -- Danny Boggs
Lucky Charms or Raisin Bran? -- Luke Yates
Member Benefits -- Danny Boggs
The Mission of the Church -- Danny Boggs
Our Story of Restoration -- Danny Boggs
Tradition -- Danny Boggs
A True Restoration Story -- Danny Boggs
Two Sheep Together -- Luke Yates
Unity That Works -- Danny Boggs
We Believe – Perhaps like No One Else -- Danny Boggs
What a Fellowship! -- Danny Boggs
Who Will Take the Lead? The Elders We Need -- Danny Boggs

Blessed Are The Dead Who Die in the Lord -- Danny Boggs
Christ Is My LIfe, Heaven Is My Home -- Danny Boggs
Come, Lord Jesus -- Danny Boggs
Heaven: Home of the Soul -- Danny Boggs
Hell: Don't Go There -- Danny Boggs
New Heavens and a New Earth -- Danny Boggs
The Story of Your Life -- Danny Boggs
What Happens When We Die? -- Danny Boggs
Why I Want to Go to Heaven -- Luke Yates

The Whole World under Water -- Danny Boggs
Why Did It Happen? -- Danny Boggs
Faith Overflowing -- Luke Yates
The Rush of Forgiveness -- Danny Boggs
You Are the Weatherman -- Danny Boggs
Questions and Answers -- Danny Boggs
More Questions and Answers -- Danny Boggs
Still More -- Danny Boggs

Special Delivery -- Danny Boggs
The Only Gospel -- Danny Boggs
They Glorified God Because of Me -- Danny Boggs
Forgiven, Free and Fellowshipping -- Danny Boggs
Behave the Gospel, part 1 -- Danny Boggs
Behave the Gospel, part 2 -- Danny Boggs
Crucified with Christ, but Alive by Faith -- Danny Boggs
Finish the Way You Started -- Danny Boggs
The Blessing and the Curse -- Danny Boggs
The Law and the Promise -- Danny Boggs
Who Is a Child of God? -- Danny Boggs
Abba! Father! -- Danny Boggs
Is Christ Being Formed in You? -- Danny Boggs
Who's Your Mama? -- Danny Boggs
Licensed to Thrive -- Danny Boggs
In Step with the Spirit -- Danny Boggs
Bear One Another's Burdens -- Danny Boggs
Do Good, and Don't Stop -- Danny Boggs
My Boast -- Danny Boggs

Before the Beginning -- Danny Boggs
Does God Forgive Forgotten Sins? -- Danny Boggs
Give Thanks to the Lord -- Danny Boggs
God Forgets! -- Danny Boggs
God Does Not Forget! -- Danny Boggs
God's Holy Name -- Danny Boggs
God's Rich Mercy -- Luke Yates
The Kind of God He Is -- Danny Boggs
The Lord Is My Strength -- Danny Boggs
Since God Is Invisible -- Danny Boggs
What You Need to Know About God -- Danny Boggs
Who Is a God like You? -- Danny Boggs

Explanation for Our Existence -- Danny Boggs
Clarity for Our Confusion -- Danny Boggs
The Good News -- Danny Boggs
Grace for Our Guilt -- Danny Boggs
I Came Not to Call the Righteous -- Danny Boggs
Meaning for Our Mortality -- Danny Boggs
Answers for Our Adversaries -- Danny Boggs

Not My People -- Luke Yates
Mercy, Not Sacrifice -- Luke Yates
Out of Egypt -- Luke Yates
Victory Over Death -- Luke Yates

As Long as I Am in the World -- Danny Boggs
A Change in James -- Luke Yates
God Came Down -- Danny Boggs
He Appeared -- Danny Boggs
He Was Buried -- Danny Boggs
Heaven's Reasons Christ Died on the Cross -- Danny Boggs
His Purpose in Coming -- Luke Yates
Historical Reasons Jesus Died on a Cross -- Danny Boggs
Honor the Son -- Danny Boggs
Jesus in His Own Words -- Danny Boggs
Jesus Is Lord -- Danny Boggs
Jesus Is Not a Racist -- Luke Yates
Jesus Is Not a Racist But He Does Have a Chosen Race -- Luke Yates
Jesus the Author -- Josh King
The Man in the Middle -- Danny Boggs
No One like Jesus -- Danny Boggs
Pictures of Jesus -- Luke Yates
Prophetic Proofs from Psalm 22 -- Luke Yates
The Resurrection -- Bill Reiboldt
Victory in Jesus -- Danny Boggs
What Did Jesus Give Up for Us? -- Danny Boggs
What Is Jesus Doing Now? -- Danny Boggs
What Would Jesus Feel?, Pt. 1 -- Danny Boggs
What Would Jesus Feel?, Pt. 2 -- Danny Boggs
Why Did Jesus Come? -- Danny Boggs
Wounds that Heal -- Danny Boggs
Your Turn with the Baby -- Danny Boggs

The Salvation We Share -- Danny Boggs
Why Does It Matter What the Bible Says? -- Danny Boggs
The Hall of Shame -- Danny Boggs
Life that Gets Better and Better -- Danny Boggs
The God You Can Count On -- Danny Boggs

The Last Day -- Danny Boggs
The Last Days? -- Danny Boggs
Did We Miss the Second Coming? -- Danny Boggs
Jesus Wants You Ready -- Danny Boggs
Best Day Ever -- Danny Boggs
Worst Day Ever -- Danny Boggs

Fulfilled -- Danny Boggs
Matthew 1-14 Q & A -- Danny Boggs
Ears to Hear -- Danny Boggs
Matthew 15-28, Mark 1-11 Q & A -- Danny Boggs
A Beautiful Thing -- Danny Boggs
How Did Jesus Do It? -- Danny Boggs
Old People Overjoyed with Jesus -- Danny Boggs

Life Together: One Baptism -- Danny Boggs
Life Together: One Faith -- Danny Boggs
Life Together: One God -- Danny Boggs
Life Together: One Hope -- Danny Boggs
Life Together: One Lord -- Danny Boggs
Life Together: One Spirit -- Danny Boggs
Life Together: One Body -- Danny Boggs
Life Together: The Way to Walk -- Danny Boggs

Locking Sin's Triggers, Pt. 1 -- Danny Boggs
Locking Sin's Triggers, Pt. 2 -- Danny Boggs
Locking Sin's Triggers: Sexual Sin -- Danny Boggs
Locking Sin's Triggers, Pt. 4 -- Danny Boggs

You'd Have to Wonder... -- Danny Boggs
Sins that Nailed Christ to the Cross -- Danny Boggs
It Was Necessary -- Danny Boggs
Strange but True -- Danny Boggs
What's Blood Got to Do with It? - Pt.1-- Danny Boggs
What's Blood Got to Do with It? - Pt.2-- Danny Boggs
Big Words -- Danny Boggs
He Would Do That for Me? -- Danny Boggs
Baptized into His Death -- Danny Boggs
Life in Light of the Cross, Part 1 -- Danny Boggs
Life in Light of the Cross, Part 2 -- Danny Boggs
Life in Light of the Cross, Part 3 -- Danny Boggs
The Church Bought with Blood -- Danny Boggs
It Is Finished, But That's Not All -- Danny Boggs

"But You Say...", Pt. 1 -- Luke Yates
"But You Say...", Pt. 2 -- Luke Yates
"But You Say...", Pt. 3 -- Luke Yates
"But You Say...", Pt. 4 -- Luke Yates
"But You Say...", Pt. 5 -- Luke Yates

Why Did I Marry Jezebel? -- Danny Boggs
About Enough of Nabal -- Danny Boggs
Stay Home, Gomer! -- Danny Boggs
Isaac and Rebekah: For Better or Worse -- Danny Boggs
Isaac and Rebekah: For Better or Worse, Pt. 2 -- Danny Boggs
Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage -- Danny Boggs

Single-Minded -- Danny Boggs
Keep It Pure -- Danny Boggs
Make It Last, Part 1 -- Danny Boggs
Make It Last, Part 2 -- Danny Boggs

Perspective on Suffering -- Danny Boggs
A Real Miracle -- Danny Boggs
A Faith that Grows -- Danny Boggs
How Blind I Can Be -- Danny Boggs

One Word: Atonement -- Danny Boggs
One Word: Baptism -- Danny Boggs
One Word: Christ -- Danny Boggs
One Word: Church -- Danny Boggs
One Word: Confess -- Danny Boggs
One Word: Covenant-- Danny Boggs
One Word: Crucify -- Luke Yates
One Word: Elders -- John Deffenbaugh
One Word: Faith -- Casey Flint
One Word: Father -- Danny Boggs
One Word: Fathers -- Luke Yates
One Word: Fellowship -- Danny Boggs
One Word: Forgiveness -- Luke Yates
One Word: Gospel -- Danny Boggs
One Word: Grace -- Casey Flint
One Word: Grief -- Danny Boggs
One Word: Guilt -- Luke Yates
One Word: Holiness -- Danny Boggs
One Word: Holy Spirit -- Danny Boggs
One Word: Hope -- Luke Yates
One Word: Humility -- Danny Boggs
One Word: Judgment -- Danny Boggs
One Word: Justification -- Luke Yates
One Word: Kindness -- Luke Yates
One Word: Love -- Danny Boggs
One Word: Marriage -- Danny Boggs
One Word: Mother -- Danny Boggs
One Word: Inspiration -- Luke Yates
One Word: Proclaim -- Zane Berner
One Word: Propitiation -- Danny Boggs
One Word: Redemption -- Danny Boggs
One Word: Repent -- Luke Yates
One Word: Resurrection -- Luke Yates
One Word: Righteousness -- Danny Boggs
One Word: Self-Control -- Charles Collinsworth
One Word: Shame -- Danny Boggs
One Word: Sovereignty -- Casey Flint
One Word: Suffering -- Danny Boggs
One Word: Truth-- Danny Boggs
One Word: Worry -- Danny Boggs
One Word: Worship -- Danny Boggs
One Word: Wrath -- Luke Yates

8-Foot Prayers -- Danny Boggs
The ABCs and LMNOPs of Prayer -- Danny Boggs
Courage to Pray-- Danny Boggs
Is Prayer What It Used To Be? -- Danny Boggs
Praying about a Problem that Won't Go Away, Pt. 1 -- Danny Boggs
Praying about a Problem that Won't Go Away, Pt. 2 -- Danny Boggs

Instruments, Clapping and Other Stuff -- Luke Yates
The Thief on the Cross -- Luke Yates
Questions about Angels -- Danny Boggs
Why Do People Hate Christians? -- Luke Yates

Who Do You Say that I Am? -- Danny Boggs
From Heaven or from Man? -- Danny Boggs
Are Your Hearts Hardened? -- Danny Boggs
"Why Do You Call Me 'Lord, Lord'?" -- Danny Boggs
Were They Worse Sinners? -- Danny Boggs
Do You Believe This? -- Danny Boggs
Do You Love Me?-- Danny Boggs
Will You Lay Down Your Life for Me? -- Danny Boggs

The Critical Connection to the Cross -- Danny Boggs
The Cure for Death -- Luke Yates
Embracing God's Purpose for You -- Danny Boggs
In Christ Alone -- Danny Boggs
Luke's Story for God's Glory -- Luke Yates
Prophets at a Loss -- Danny Boggs
The Thief on the Cross -- Danny Boggs
Three Invitations from Jesus -- Danny Boggs
Two Prodigals -- Luke Yates
Urgent Message -- Danny Boggs
The Walls of Faith -- Luke Yates
What Would It Profit to Gain the Whole World? -- Danny Boggs
Work Out Your Own Salvation -- Danny Boggs
Your Favorite Book You've Never Read -- Danny Boggs

A Soft Answer -- Danny Boggs
Honesty -- Danny Boggs
Encouragement, Pt. 1 -- Danny Boggs
Encouragement, Pt. 2 -- Danny Boggs

Baptism Is Essential -- Danny Boggs
We Are Not a Demonination -- Danny Boggs
We Don't Call Our Preachers "Reverend" or "Pastor -- Danny Boggs
We Eat the Lord's Supper Every Sunday -- Danny Boggs
We Sing A Cappella -- Danny Boggs

We're Different: Purity (4:1-8) -- Danny Boggs
We're Different: Love (4:9-12) -- Danny Boggs
We're Different: Hope (4:13-18) -- Danny Boggs

What Islam Can Teach Us, Pt. 1 -- Luke Yates
What Islam Can Teach Us, Pt. 2 -- Luke Yates
What Islam Can Teach Us, Pt. 3 -- Luke Yates

The Bible Is God's Word -- Danny Boggs
The Bible Makes Men and Women of God -- Danny Boggs
The Bible Makes Us Wise for Salvation -- Danny Boggs
The Bible Teaches Us -- Danny Boggs
The Bible Reproves Us -- Danny Boggs
The Bible Corrects Us -- Danny Boggs
The Bible Trains Us in Righteousness -- Danny Boggs
The Bible Equips Us for Every Good Work -- Danny Boggs
The Bible's Precision -- Danny Boggs

We Worship -- Danny Boggs
We Pray -- Danny Boggs
We Listen -- Danny Boggs
We Give -- Danny Boggs
We Remember -- Danny Boggs
We Sing -- Danny Boggs
Do You Eat the Lord's Supper?-- Danny Boggs
The Right Way to Worship -- Danny Boggs
Stop that Worship! -- Danny Boggs
To the Cross -- Danny Boggs
Weird Words That We Sing -- Luke Yates
Women in Worship -- Luke Yates
Worshipping with Music – In Spirit & in Truth -- Pat Andrews

Absolute Favorite - John 14:1-6 -- Danny Boggs
Absolutely Great -- Danny Boggs
Ancient Truth, Modern Tunes -- Danny Boggs
Appreciating My Value -- Nathan Honeycutt
Are We Born Sinful? -- Luke Yates
A Baptist in Prison -- Luke Yates
Be Sure Your Sin Will Find You Out -- Danny Bogg
Beatitudes in the Bible's Last Book -- Danny Boggs
Bible Perspectives on Suicide, Pt. 1 -- Danny Boggs
Bible Perspectives on Suicide, Pt. 2 -- Danny Boggs
Blessed Are the Merciful -- Danny Boggs
But It's Just a Glass.... -- Luke Yates
Can You Recommend Your Religion? -- Danny Boggs
Capital Punishment: Okay or No Way? -- Luke Yates
Come Now, You Rich, Weep and Howl -- Danny Boggs
Confessions of a Preacher -- Danny Boggs
The Curious Case of Judge Samson -- Danny Boggs
Do You Have Ears? -- John Deffenbaugh
Does God Have a Plan for My Life? -- Danny Boggs
Does This Bible Account Authorize Lying? -- Danny Boggs
Don't Be Late! -- Danny Boggs
An Encounter with Aeneas -- Luke Yates
The Edicts of Esther -- Luke Yates
Enoch: A Lesson in Walking with God -- Danny Boggs
Extra, Extra Good News -- Danny Boggs
Fear God and Let the Children Live -- Danny Boggs
Flipping Our Perspective -- Luke Yates
A Fly on the Wall at an Elders' Meeting -- Danny Boggs
Four Thoughts on 1 Corinthians 1:10-17 -- Luke Yates
Friend, I Am Doing You No Wrong -- Danny Boggs
A Good Way To Get Bad Leaders -- Danny Boggs
Heap Burning Coals -- Danny Boggs
Hearts That Obey -- Caleb Boggs
I Desire Mercy, and Not Sacrifice -- Danny Boggs
I Got this Tattoo... -- Danny Boggs
I Will Still Rejoice in the Lord -- Danny Boggs
I'm Sorry -- Josh King
In the Image of God -- Danny Boggs
Jochebed -- Danny Boggs
Lessons from Naaman -- Luke Yates
A Little god in Corinth -- Luke Yates
Little Lessons Learned from the Fig Tree -- Luke Yates
A Look at It "All" -- Luke Yates
Looking at Lydia -- Luke Yates
The LORD Bless You -- Danny Boggs
Loving the Easily Hated -- Luke Yates
Mirror, Mirror -- Luke Yates
Naaman's Defining Moment -- Danny Boggs
New Atheists and the Old Law -- Danny Boggs
Nothing in the Way -- Danny Boggs
O, Woman, Great Is Your Faith! -- Danny Boggs
The Old Paths -- Danny Boggs
Old Testament Commands/New Testament Christians -- Danny Boggs
The Opening Gates of the New Year -- Pat Andrews
Peter, Patience and Pardon -- Danny Boggs
Pick Up Sticks -- Luke Yates
The Predicament of Pilate -- Luke Yates
The Queen of Sheba -- Danny Boggs
Raise Your Ebenezer -- Danny Boggs
Rare Thanks -- Luke Yates
Recent Observations on Abortion -- Luke Yates
Religious Artifacts -- Zane Berner
Remember Your Blessings! -- Luke Yates
Rend Your Heart and Not Your Garments -- Luke Yates
Renew My Spirit, Lord! -- Luke Yates
The Right and Left Hand -- Luke Yates
The Sacrifice That Wasn't -- Luke Yates
The Shattered Gavel -- Danny Boggs
Should You Lose Your Head: A Profile of James -- Danny Boggs
The Sin We Hardly Talk About -- Luke Yates
Some Unfaithful Lepers -- Luke Yates
Taking Jesus Aside -- Luke Yates
This Kiss -- Danny Boggs
Times of Refreshing -- Danny Boggs
To Obey Is Better than Sacrifice -- Danny Boggs
Treasure Either Way -- Danny Boggs
Undeniable -- Danny Boggs
The Vine and the Branches -- Danny Boggs
A Voice of Reason -- Danny Boggs
The Way of a Fool -- Danny Boggs
We're All Dirt -- Danny Boggs
What About Demon Possession? -- Luke Yates
What About Demon Possession? Addendum -- Luke Yates
What If Everyone Always Did What Christians Ought to Do? -- Danny Boggs
What to Wear for Mother's Day -- Danny Boggs
What's Up with John 1:17? -- Luke Yates
Who Decides? God's Will and Free Will -- Danny Boggs
Who Is a Legalist? -- Danny Boggs
Who's Who? Saints and Sinners -- Danny Boggs
Whoever Is Not Against Us Is for Us -- Danny Boggs
Why All This Space? -- Luke Yates
With a Name like Barnabas... -- Danny Boggs
A Woman's Worth -- Luke Yates
The World He Loved -- Luke Yates
Worse than an Unbeliever -- Danny Boggs
Use Money to Make Friends -- Danny Boggs
You Must Be Perfect -- Danny Boggs
You Are Not Less! -- Luke Yates
You've Got Potential, Kid! -- Luke Yates


​Jesus Is Lord: A Counter-Cultural Confession -- Jeremie Beller
Jesus Is Lord: A Dangerous Confession -- Jeremie Beller
If Jesus Is Lord, Everything Changes -- Jeremie Beller
Jesus Is Lord: A Controversial Confession -- Jeremie Beller
Jesus Is Lord of All -- Jeremie Beller
Jesus Is Lord: A Hopeful Confession -- Jeremie Beller

DISCONNECT – 1st Century Christians in a 21st Century World
Disconnect Seminar: Idolatry -- Jeremy Roberts
Disconnect Seminar: Contentment -- Jeremy Roberts
Disconnect Seminar: Impurity -- Jeremy Roberts
Disconnect Seminar: Unwholesome Talk -- Jeremy Roberts

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