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Weekly Bulletins
By Peter Wald

Under the direction of their parents and those who volunteer to work with our young people, they have continued to develop into leaders we can be proud of. Another good time was had in Memphis by our Lads to Leaders group. Our young people represented us well and did excellent in the events they participated in. Out of all the participants there, two of our young men were given the opportunity to lead in the worship service on Sunday morning. Elijah Boggs lead a song and Sam Collinsworth gave a speech. This is a great honor – please congratulate them if you haven’t yet.
• Know the Books - Level 2 Gold: Jonah Flint, Liam Hayes, Matthew Wald
• Good Samaritan - Bronze: Colby Daniels, Kailyn Daniels, Hannah Fehring, Annie Flint, Jonah Flint, Lorelai Yost
• Keepers - Food Preservation and Table Setting: Grace Boggs, Amelia Collinsworth, Kailyn Daniels, Hannah Fehring, Annie Flint, Lorelai Yost
• Junior Leaders: Ellie Collinsworth, Jonah Flint, Liam Hayes, Corbin Hayes, Matthew Wald
• Oral Bible Reading: Amelia Collinsworth, Ellie Collinsworth, Leo Collinsworth, Colby Daniels, Jaiden Fisher, Annie Flint, Johan Flint, Corbin Hayse, Liam Hayes, Matthew Wald, Lorelai Yost
• Year-round Bible reading - Bronze: Kailyn Daniels, Hannah Fehring
• Year-round Songs Of Praise - Bronze: Kailyn Daniels, Hanna Fehring, Brylee King
• Year-round Song Leading - Gold: Elijah Boggs, Kaden King
• Year-round Song Leading - Silver: Jackson Collinsworth, Sam Collinsworth, Noah Reiboldt, Tim Wald
• Year-round Speech - Bronze: Elijah Boggs, Sam Collinsworth, Kaden King, Noah Reiboldt, Tim Wald
• Individual Bible Bowl Test High Score – 3rd-4th grade: Jaiden Fisher
• Individual Bible Bowl Test High Score – 5th-6th grade: Jonathan Tribbey
• Bible Bowl team - 3rd-4th grade – Finalist: Amelia Collinsworth, Jaiden Fisher, Annie Flint, Lorelai Yost
• Bible Bowl team (26th & Conn) – 7th-8th grade - 1st Place: Grace Boggs
• 3rd-6th grade Article - 1st Place: Lorelai Yost
• 10th-12th grade Article - 2nd Place: Emma Tribbey
• 3rd-6th grade PowerPoint - 2nd Place: Lorelai Yost
• Songs of Praise – 4th grade - 3rd Place: Annie Flint
• Song Leading – 10th grade - 1st Place: Sam Collinsworth
• Song Leading – 12th grade – 3rd Place: Jackson Collinsworth
• Speech - 4th grade – Finalist: Amelia Collinsworth
• Speech - 7th grade - 2nd Place: Kailyn Daniels
• Speech - 12th grade – 1st Place: Jackson Collinsworth
• Winner’s Circle Speech - 10th-12th - 2nd Place: – Tim Wald

Thank you all for your encouragement and a big thank you to all who have helped our young people prepare for the various events. I cannot stress enough the value of this program. Studies have shown there to be about an 85% retention rate of kids who participate in Lads to Leaders. While it’s nice that the kids were awarded in so many ways, the awards are not the point of this effort. We’re making disciples who will serve and lead in the Lord’s church. Faithful Christians want their children to become disciples, servants, and leaders. If your children are not participating, why not? Join in this good work with us.

Our Young People Are Awesome!

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