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by Danny Boggs

As I write, I am looking at a religious tract titled, “The Roman Road.”   It invites readers to take a mental walk through the Bible’s Book of Romans.  “The Roman Road” is supposed to lead to salvation.  Where does it go?

The tract highlights six important passages in Romans (3:23, 6:23, 5:8, 10:13, 10:9, and 12:1-2).  These verses tell of the dreadful plight of sinners and of God’s grace and plan for saving us through Jesus’ death and resurrection.  They instruct us to believe what the Bible says about Jesus, to confess our faith in Him, and to call on the name of the Lord for salvation.  They show us how to live the new life in Christ.  Good information!

But without a Scriptural reference, “The Roman Road” plan says to pray in order to accept God’s gift of eternal life through Jesus; the Bible says no such thing.  “The Roman Road” also bypasses essential salvation truths found in Romans.  Salvation requires repentance — turning from sin in heart, mind, and life (2:4-5).  Redemption is “in Christ Jesus” (3:23-24).  Eternal life is “in Christ Jesus our Lord” (6:23).  Therefore, the kind of belief taught in Romans leads one to the pivotal point of being “baptized into Christ Jesus” (6:3).  Then, and only then, does new life begin (6:4).  In parallel, the New Testament teaches that baptism is the way to call on the name of the Lord and be saved (Acts 2:21,38; 22:16).

If you are counting on your walk down the popular “Roman Road” for salvation, get your bearings.  You have not reached the desired destination.  You must repent and be baptized.  Let’s follow the true map of God’s Word all the way. 

Where Does The Roman Road Go?

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