© 2010  •   Hillcrest Church of Christ
by Danny Boggs

Jesus loves people who feel the pain of their sin. His religious enemies didn’t understand it. To explain, He told them parables (Luke 15). He talked about a lost sheep, a lost coin, and a lost boy. When each was found, a celebration erupted. Nothing makes heaven happier than lost people found!

Why do sheep get lost?  Too much focus on what’s below — grass. A sheep just looks down and follows his nose. He thinks that what is under his nose is all important. Why do spiritual sheep like you and me get lost? Too much focus on  what’s below—earthly things. Preoccupation is our reality. Carelessly following our noses, we’re lost before we know it.

How does a coin get lost? A coin doesn’t lose itself. Someone loses it. We don’t want to stretch the image too far, but the carelessness of others plays a part in some people’s peril. Parents who fail to feed their children spiritually or who lead them into the wrong religion are culpable. Christians whose treatment of you has been less than Christian might have driven you from Christ. They’ll be held accountable, but you’re still lost.

Jesus paints the most blameworthy and darkest picture of being lost with the last of these parables. Rank selfishness and rebellion led a young man to leave his father. The way he was going seemed right to him, but it could only lead to death (Proverbs 14:12). He said, “I am perishing.” His father counted him as already dead.

It doesn’t matter how it happened. If you’re lost, you need to be found.

The Lord is still seeking you. We’re on His search and rescue team. If you’re lost, please let us help.


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