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by Danny Boggs

The World Christian Encyclopedia, Second Edition, identifies 33,820 distinct religious bodies that call themselves Christian.  Millions affiliate with other independent churches.  Our globe is a veritable religious mall!  Comparatively just a corner market, Neosho still boasts an array of churches.  How do you choose?

“It was good enough for my parents and grandparents, and it’s good enough for me.”  “It’s where my friends go.”  “It’s frenzied, and I like a spirited church.”  “It’s reverent, and I like a quiet church.”  “It’s convenient.”  “They offer fun activities for my kids.”  Any choice could be a good choice if church were a human invention.  We are not obliged to drive Ford cars and trucks just because Henry Ford invented the automobile.

But church is different.  It was God’s idea, the will of our Creator.   His Son Jesus bought it with His blood and built it (Acts 20:28, Matthew 16:18).  In the New Testament, He laid down its perfect pattern for all time.  His exclusive design needs no improvement and allows no competitors.   The New Testament church is the one body of people whom God has saved in Christ, who have His power to fulfill the mission He gave the church, and who receive all the best of His blessings (Ephesians 1:3, 1:22-23, 3:10-11, 3:20-21, 4:4-6).

Churches of today are separated by exclusive names, diverse doctrines, disparate ways of worship, and dissimilar organization.  Distinct bodies cannot all be the Lord’s one body!  “Is Christ divided?” (1 Corinthians 1:13).  God gives us no choice.  Can we help you today to find the church you read about in the New Testament?

How Do You Choose a Church?

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