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by Danny Boggs

It’s hard to imagine a young man more victimized than Joseph.  The Bible tells his true story in Genesis 37-50. At age 17, he had already lost his mother.  His father was repeating the same mistakes that his parents made, making Joseph his obvious favorite out of more than a dozen children.  Most of his brothers were so jealous of him that they wanted to kill him.  Instead they sold him as a slave.  Midianite traffickers took him to Egypt and resold him to a man named Potiphar.  Potiphar’s wife wanted Joseph for her own pleasure and would not take “no” for an answer.  Spurned continually by Joseph, she finally lied about him, and Joseph landed in jail.  There he was helpful to fellow prisoners.  One promised to remember him, but after being released he forgot about Joseph for two whole years.  Joseph fell prey to one misfortune after another for 13 years straight.

Yet, Joseph never gave up trust that God cared and was active in his life.  He never succumbed to anger, resentment, cynicism or self-pity.  He was perseverant; no matter what happened, Joseph kept going.  He was principled; no matter who pressured him, Joseph kept doing right.  He was productive; no matter how many setbacks, Joseph kept doing well at every station in life.  He was positive.  No matter how things looked; Joseph kept trusting God.  In the end, Joseph found that God had used all of his troubles to outfit him to aid in the troubles of others.

Life can be hard to navigate.  We need instruction; God gives it in His Word.  We need support; God gives it through His church.  Can we help you to find it?

Be Faithful

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