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10/27 AM - Raised With Him in Baptism (Danny Boggs)
10/27 PM - Let Us Draw Near (Caleb Boggs)

Sermon Archive


A Question about Grace (Danny Boggs)
A Question about Faith (Danny Boggs)
Questions about Baptism (Luke Yates)
Questions about Losing Salvation (Danny Boggs)
Questions about Assurance (Danny Boggs)
Questions about Worship (Luke Yates)
Questions about the Church (Luke Yates)

The Armor of God (Danny Boggs)
The Belt of Truth (Danny Boggs)
The Brestplate of Righteousness (Danny Boggs)
The Shoes of Readiness (Danny Boggs)
The Shield of Faith (Danny Boggs)
The Helmet of Salvation (Danny Boggs)
The Sword of Spirit (Danny Boggs)
Prayer (Danny Boggs)

Divine Authority (Charles Collinsworth)

The Implanted Word (Josh King)

Mutualism: Evidence of God in Nature (Danny Boggs)
What Man Didn't Know (Luke Yates)
Why I Believe in God (Danny Boggs)
The World God Made (Danny Boggs)

4 Reasons I'm Glad That I'm a Christian (Danny Boggs)
An Acute Attack of Arrogant Pride (Danny Boggs)
The Basics of a Biblical Worldview (Danny Boggs)
Bona Fide Wheat, Pt. 1 (Danny Boggs)
Bona Fide Wheat, Pt. 2 (Danny Boggs)
The Business of Boycotting (Luke Yates)
Can You See through Suffering? (Danny Boggs)
Choose Your Label (Josh King)
Christian: Does the Name Fit? (Danny Boggs)
Christians First (Danny Boggs)
Complete Confidence in Christ (Luke Yates)
Courageous Evangelism (Luke Yates)
Declaration of Dependence (Danny Boggs)
Do Not Get Drunk (Danny Boggs)
Dressed the Right Way (Luke Yates)
Enduring Doubts (Danny Boggs)
Faith All Over (Danny Boggs)
Figures of Forgiveness (Luke Yates)
Free Indeed (Danny Boggs)
Fresh Produce (Danny Boggs)

Friends and Enemies (Danny Boggs)
A Friend of the World and an Enemy of God (Danny Boggs)
From the Same Mouth (Danny Boggs)
Put on Christ (Danny Boggs)

Acts 2:37-41 (Jake King)
The Biggest Problem in the Church (David Shannon)
Characteristics of the Faith, Pt. 1 (Luke Yates)
Characteristics of the Faith, Pt. 2 (Luke Yates)
The Church of Love (Luke Yates)
A City of Refuge (Danny Boggs)
Deacon: A Role with Jesus Written All over It (Danny Boggs)
Family that Matters (Danny Boggs)
Hillcrest: Home of God (Danny Boggs)
I Wouldn't Be a Member of This Church (Danny Boggs)
Just Our Interpretation? (Danny Boggs)
Let Brotherly Love Continue (Danny Boggs)
The Living Stones (Danny Boggs)
Lucky Charms or Raisin Bran? (Luke Yates)
Member Benefits (Danny Boggs)
The Mission of the Church (Danny Boggs)
Our Story of Restoration (Danny Boggs)

Restoring the New Testament Church (Danny Boggs)
Tradition (Danny Boggs)
A True Restoration Story (Danny Boggs)
Two Sheep Together (Luke Yates)
We Believe – Perhaps like No One Else (Danny Boggs)
What a Fellowship! (Danny Boggs)
Who Will Take the Lead? The Elders We Need (Danny Boggs)

Why This Church Practices Corrrective Discipline (Danny Boggs)

Blessed Are The Dead Who Die in the Lord (Danny Boggs)
Christ Is My LIfe, Heaven Is My Home (Danny Boggs) 
Come, Lord Jesus (Danny Boggs) 
Heaven: Home of the Soul (Danny Boggs) 
Hell: Don't Go There (Danny Boggs) 
New Heavens and a New Earth (Danny Boggs) 
The Story of Your Life (Danny Boggs) 
What Happens When We Die? (Danny Boggs) 
Why I Want to Go to Heaven (Luke Yates)

The Whole World under Water (Danny Boggs) 
Why Did It Happen? (Danny Boggs) 
Faith Overflowing (Luke Yates)
The Rush of Forgiveness (Danny Boggs) 
You Are the Weatherman (Danny Boggs) 
Questions and Answers (Danny Boggs) 
More Questions and Answers (Danny Boggs) 
Still More (Danny Boggs) 

Special Delivery (Danny Boggs) 
The Only Gospel (Danny Boggs) 
They Glorified God Because of Me (Danny Boggs) 
Forgiven, Free and Fellowshipping (Danny Boggs) 
Behave the Gospel, part 1 (Danny Boggs) 
Behave the Gospel, part 2 (Danny Boggs) 
Crucified with Christ, but Alive by Faith (Danny Boggs) 
Finish the Way You Started (Danny Boggs) 
The Blessing and the Curse (Danny Boggs) 
The Law and the Promise (Danny Boggs) 
Who Is a Child of God? (Danny Boggs) 
Abba! Father! (Danny Boggs) 
Is Christ Being Formed in You? (Danny Boggs) 
Who's Your Mama? (Danny Boggs) 
Licensed to Thrive (Danny Boggs) 
In Step with the Spirit (Danny Boggs) 
Bear One Another's Burdens (Danny Boggs) 
Do Good, and Don't Stop (Danny Boggs) 
My Boast (Danny Boggs) 

Before the Beginning (Danny Boggs) 
Does God Forgive Forgotten Sins? (Danny Boggs) 
Give Thanks to the Lord (Danny Boggs) 
God Forgets! (Danny Boggs) 
God Does Not Forget! (Danny Boggs) 
God's Holy Name (Danny Boggs) 
God's Rich Mercy (Luke Yates)
The Kind of God He Is (Danny Boggs) 
The Lord Is My Strength (Danny Boggs) 

Revealed Glory of God (Pat Andrews) 
Since God Is Invisible (Danny Boggs) 
What You Need to Know About God (Danny Boggs) 
Who Is a God like You? (Danny Boggs) 

Who Is Really God? (Danny Boggs)

Any Other "Gospel" (Caleb Boggs)
Explanation for Our Existence (Danny Boggs) 
Clarity for Our Confusion (Danny Boggs) 
The Good News (Danny Boggs) 
Grace for Our Guilt (Danny Boggs) 
I Came Not to Call the Righteous (Danny Boggs) 
Meaning for Our Mortality (Danny Boggs) 
Answers for Our Adversaries (Danny Boggs) 

What Stops Me from Being Baptized, Pt. 1 (Danny Boggs)
What Stops Me From Being Baptized, Pt. 2 (Danny Boggs)

Not My People (Luke Yates)
Mercy, Not Sacrifice (Luke Yates)
Out of Egypt (Luke Yates)
Victory Over Death (Luke Yates)

As Long as I Am in the World (Danny Boggs) 
A Change in James (Luke Yates)
God Came Down (Danny Boggs) 
He Appeared (Danny Boggs) 
He Was Buried (Danny Boggs) 

He Went About Doing Good (Danny Boggs)
His Purpose in Coming (Luke Yates)
Honor the Son (Danny Boggs) 
Jesus in His Own Words (Danny Boggs) 

 Jesus Is History (Danny Boggs)
Jesus Is Not a Racist (Luke Yates)
Jesus Is Not a Racist But He Does Have a Chosen Race (Luke Yates)
Jesus the Author  (Josh King)​
The Man in the Middle (Danny Boggs) 

Mom to Jesus (Danny Boggs)
No One like Jesus (Danny Boggs) 
Pictures of Jesus (Luke Yates)
Prophetic Proofs from Psalm 22 (Luke Yates)
The Resurrection (Bill Reiboldt)
Victory in Jesus (Danny Boggs) 
We Believe (Bill Reiboldt)
What Did Jesus Give Up for Us? (Danny Boggs) 
What Is Jesus Doing Now? (Danny Boggs) 
What Would Jesus Feel?, Pt. 1 (Danny Boggs) 
What Would Jesus Feel?, Pt. 2 (Danny Boggs) 
Why Did Jesus Come? (Danny Boggs) 
Wounds that Heal (Danny Boggs) 
Your Turn with the Baby (Danny Boggs) 

The Salvation We Share (Danny Boggs) 
Why Does It Matter What the Bible Says? (Danny Boggs) 
The Hall of Shame (Danny Boggs) 
Life that Gets Better and Better (Danny Boggs) 
The God You Can Count On (Danny Boggs) 

The Last Day (Danny Boggs) 
The Last Days? (Danny Boggs) 
Did We Miss the Second Coming? (Danny Boggs) 
Jesus Wants You Ready (Danny Boggs) 
Best Day Ever (Danny Boggs) 
Worst Day Ever (Danny Boggs) 

Fulfilled (Danny Boggs) 
Matthew 1-14 Q & A (Danny Boggs) 
Ears to Hear (Danny Boggs) 
Matthew 15-28, Mark 1-11 Q & A (Danny Boggs) 
A Beautiful Thing (Danny Boggs) 
How Did Jesus Do It? (Danny Boggs) 
Old People Overjoyed with Jesus (Danny Boggs) 
Mark 12-16, Luke 1-20 Q & A (Danny Boggs) 
Carried Up into Heaven (Danny Boggs) 
An Earnest Desire to Eat (Danny Boggs) 
Born Again (Danny Boggs) 

Grow! (Danny Boggs)
The Draw (Danny Boggs)
Church Like This (Danny Boggs)

It Was Necessary (Danny Boggs)
Strange but True (Danny Boggs)
What's Blood Got to Do with It? - Pt.1 (Danny Boggs) 
What's Blood Got to Do with It? - Pt.2 (Danny Boggs) 
Big Words (Danny Boggs) 
He Would Do That for Me? (Danny Boggs) 
Baptized into His Death (Danny Boggs) 
Life in Light of the Cross, Part 1 (Danny Boggs) 
Life in Light of the Cross, Part 2 (Danny Boggs) 
Life in Light of the Cross, Part 3 (Danny Boggs) 
The Church Bought with Blood (Danny Boggs) 
It Is Finished, But That's Not All (Danny Boggs)