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Weekly Bulletins
Our Lads to Leaders and Leaderettes group finished its 5th year, culminating with the annual convention in Memphis, Tennessee, Easter weekend.

We are extremely fortunate that many of the parents of our families are committed to developing their children into leaders for the church and are using the Lads to Leaders program to aid in this effort. These parents put in a
lot of effort to work with their children on the various events and should be commended.

This year, Karson and Kaed Thomas and Trace Wilson began to participate in Lads to Leaders. Karson and Kaed each prepared a speech, led a song, and read a passage of scripture at the demonstration night the week before convention. While Trace was unable to attend that event, he also worked on these activities throughout the last several months. Thank you Karson, Kaed, and Trace for joining us this year!

Many of our students were able to attend the national convention in Memphis this past weekend. The Middleton family (now in Sparta, MO) also attended with our group. Our students were recognized for the efforts of the past year and showed what they could do alongside students from other congregations. As in past years, our
students represented well. You will find a complete list of their accomplishments below.

Special thanks to everyone who helped provide the baskets for the kids. Congratulations to all our Lads to Leaders and Leaderettes participants on an excellent year!

Junior Leaders:
Annie Flint, Liam McInturff, Reagan McInturff, Conner Reiboldt, Parker White, Reese White, Riley White

K – 2 Convention Participation:
Hannah Fehring, Annie Flint, Shelby Middleton

Good Samaritan:
Platinum: Hannah Fehring, Brylee King; Gold: Elijah Boggs, Alec Fehring;
Silver: Caleb Boggs, Grace Boggs, Jackson Collinsworth, Sam Collinsworth, Kaden King, Mady Reiboldt, Emma Tribbey;
Bronze: Annie Flint, Jaime Leonard, Conner Reiboldt, Noah Reiboldt, Jonathan Tribbey, Joshua Tribbey, Anna Wald

Know the Books:
Caleb Boggs, Elijah Boggs, Grace Boggs, Annie Flint, Courtney Middleton, Ethan Middleton, Noah Reiboldt, Emma Tribbey, Jonathan Tribbey, Joshua Tribbey, Anna Wald, Timothy Wald

Parade of Winners:
(read the whole OT, NT, or both last year)
Caleb Boggs, Danny Boggs, Elijah Boggs, Grace Boggs, Jessica Boggs (both), Kaden King, Anna Wald

Centurion of Scripture:
(memorized 100 verses of scripture)
Kaden King (Bronze – 10 groups of 10 verses)

Oral Bible Reading:
Grace Boggs, Sam Collinsworth, Hannah Fehring, Brylee King, Kaden King, Courtney Middleton, Ethan Middleton, Shelby Middleton

1st Place: Caleb Boggs, Jackson Collinsworth;
2nd Place: Mady Reiboldt, Noah Reiboldt, Anna Wald; 
3rd Place: Elijah Boggs, Alec Fehring

Bible Bowl Test – Top 10 score:
Caleb Boggs, Anna Wald

Team Bible Bowl:
Finalist: Caleb Boggs, Alec Fehring, Jaime Leonard, Anna Wald
Finalist: Elijah Boggs, Jackson Collinsworth, Kaden King, Timothy Wald

Team Website:
1st Place: Caleb Boggs, Alec Fehring, Jaime Leonard, Mady Reiboldt, Anna Wald

1st Place Winners’ Circle: Kaden King;
2nd Place Winners’ Circle: Elijah Boggs;
3rd Place: Caleb Boggs;
Finalist: Jackson Collinsworth, Sam Collinsworth, Brylee King, Courtney Middleton, Timothy Wald

Songs of Praise:
Finalist: Brylee King

Song Leading:
2nd Place Winners’ Circle: Sam Collinsworth;
Finalist: Kaden King
We had another great year for Lads to Leaders and Leaderettes
For the third year in a row, Hillcrest youth have taken first place in the Website competition at Lads to Leaders. Click the above button to see this year's award winning website, designed by Caleb Boggs, Alec Fehring, Jaime Leonard, Madyson Reiboldt and Anna Wald.
The Hillcrest Church of Christ in Neosho sent five members to Honduras this past summer to assist local preachers in an evangelistic campaign.

The campaign members for the Neosho congregation included Tim Murray, Glen Honeycutt, Todd Murray, Ethan Murray and John Deffenbaugh. Joining the Hillcrest team was a group of five from the Bona Church of Christ, located near Dadeville, Mo. The 10 Christians from the United States joined 23 Hondurans in a week-long effort to teach the gospel in the Central American country. The work took place in the town of Talanga, where a new congregation had been established earlier in the year. Mario Flores, the preacher for the Talanga church, and a small group had been evangelizing and preparing for the campaign, and they were organized and ready to work when the Americans and their fellow Hondurans arrived.

During the week of Bible studies, preaching and benevolent help, 14 souls obeyed the gospel (Hebrews 5:9), just as they did in the New Testament.  After obeying the gospel in baptism, they were added to the Lord’s church, just as they were in Acts 2:36-47. 

In cooperation with other Churches of Christ, Hillcrest supports a total of 13 preachers, who preach in 14 different congregations in Honduras. Additionally, the church in Neosho helps with the Bible Institute of Honduras in Danli – in cooperation with other congregations and the Bear Valley Bible Institute in Denver. Presently, there are six students studying at the school. 

In addition to the ongoing mission work in Honduras, Hillcrest strives to take the gospel of Christ into the world (Mark 16:15-16) through supporting efforts in Lincoln, Mo., and in the countries of Ukraine and Russia.

Hillcrest sends 5 on mission trip to Honduras
Above, Tim Murray teaches while on the Honduras campaign. At right, all the members of the effort

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