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Weekly Bulletins
Our Lads to Leaders and Leaderettes group finished its sixth year, culminating with the annual convention
in Memphis, TN. It is a joy to see our youth grow their skills each year in service to God. 

Our group received a lot of recognition in Memphis for their hard work. Their accomplishments are listed below. Special recognition goes this year to Caleb Boggs and Kaden King. These young men were among only four who were selected give their speech at worship service Sunday morning in front of over 1,200 people. This is a great honor and they are both to be commended.

Here are the awards that students brought home from Memphis…

• K – 2 Participation: Annie Flint and Colby Daniels.
• Good Samaritan Bronze Award: Annie Flint, Junior Hackett, Emma Tribbey, Anna Wald, Timothy Wald.
• Good Samartian Silver Award: Grace Boggs, Jackson Collinsworth, Sam Collinsworth.
• Good Samaritan Gold Award: Elijah Boggs, Alec Fehring, Hannah Fehring, Melissa Johnson.
• Know the Books Level 1 Bronze: Annie Flint.
• Know the Books Level 1 Gold: Colby Daniels, Conner Reiboldt
• Know the Books Level 2 Gold: Grace Boggs, Kailyn Daniels, Hannah Fehring, Clay Johnson, Emily Johnson,
Kaden King, Madyson Reiboldt, Noah Reiboldt, Emma Tribbey, Joshua Tribbey.
• Know the Books Level 3 Gold: Caleb Boggs, Elijah Boggs, Alec Fehring, Melissa Johnson, Tori Murray,
Anna Wald, Timothy Wald.
• Parade of Winners (reading the OT or NT within 1 year – 1 medal. Reading both within a year – 2 medals):
Jessica Boggs (2), Alec Fehring (2), Melissa Johnson (2), Kaden King (2), Andrea Wald (1), Anna Wald (2), Timothy Wald (1).
• Centurion of Scripture (memorizing 100 verses of scripture): Anna Wald (Bronze – 10 groups of 10 verses).
• Oral Bible Reading: Grace Boggs, Kailyn Daniels, Hannah Fehring, Annie Flint, Emma Tribbey.
• Article: Sam Collinsworth (2nd Place), Kaden King (2nd Place), Elijah Boggs (1st Place), Anna Wald (2nd
Place), Caleb Boggs (3rd Place), Alec Fehring (1st Place).
• Bible Bowl Test – Top 10 score: Alec Fehring, Anna Wald, Timothy Wald.
• Team Bible Bowl: Alec Fehring, Kaden King, Anna Wald, Timothy Wald (Finalist).
• Website: Elijah Boggs, Jackson Collinsworth, Kaden King, Timothy Wald (2nd Place).
• Website: Caleb Boggs, Alec Fehring, Tori Murray, Anna Wald (2nd Place), Alec Fehring (1st place).
• PowerPoint: Jackson Collinsworth (1st Place).
• PowerPoint: Caleb Boggs (2nd Place), Alec Fehring (1st Place).
• Painting: Tori Murray (1st Place).
• Songs of Praise: Anna Wald (1st Place).
• Song Leading: Kaden King (1st Place), Caleb Boggs (2nd Place), Alec Fehring (1st Place).
• Speech: Sam Collinsworth (Finalist), Junior Hackett (Finalist), Caleb Boggs (2nd Place).
• Winner’s Circle Speech: Kaden King (2nd Place), Anna Wald (1st Place).

Congratulations to all our Lads to Leaders and Leaderettes participants on an excellent year! If your kids have not been involved in Lads to Leaders, be sure to have them get involved this fall!
Lads to Leaders and Leaderettes group makes 6th trip to Memphis

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