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Weekly Bulletins
By Peter Wald

We concluded another season of training in our Lads to Leaders program by participating in the convention in Memphis. It was a great trip marked by excellent representation by the young people of Hillcrest.

Again this year, two of our young men led in the worship service where some 2,000 were gathered on Sunday morning. Alec Fehring and Kaden King led one of the songs and both did an excellent job.

It is so wonderful to see how our group progresses year after year. Thank you to all the parents and those who volunteer to help. We have an excellent thing going here, thanks to you!

If your kids have not been involved yet, or it has been a long time, I urge you to commit to being a part of the Lads to Leaders program. I know you won't regret it.

Here are the awards that members of our group won:

Junior Leader: Ellie Collinsworth, Leo Collinsworth, Colby Daniels, Annie Flint, and Lorelai Yost.
Good Samaritan: Colby Daniels, Annie Flint, Kailyn Daniels, Hannah Fehring, Emma Tribbey, Sam Collinsworth, and Jackson Collinsworth.
Know the Books: Lorelai Yost, Colby Daniels, Annie Flint, Jonathan Tribbey, Joshua Tribbey, Emma Tribbey.
Year-Round Bulletin Board: Kailyn Daniels, Hannah Fehring.
Read the Word: Kaden King.
Centurion of Scripture: Brylee King.
Year-Round Song Leading: Kaden King, Elijah Boggs, Timothy Wald, Caleb Boggs, Alec Fehring.
Year-Round Speech: Kaden King, Elijah Boggs, Timothy Wald, Caleb Boggs, Alec Fehring.
Oral Bible Reading: Jonathan Tribbey, Kailyn Daniels, Hannah Fehring, Joshua Tribbey, Grace Boggs, Brylee King.
Bible Bowl High Score: Jackson Collinsworth (9th-10th), Alec Fehring (11th-12th).
Bible Bowl Team - Finalist (11th-12th): Kaden King, Elijah Boggs, Caleb Boggs, Alec Fehring.
Article/Editorial: Jonathan Tribbey, 3rd (3rd-6th), Sam Collinsworth, 3rd (7th-9th), Caleb Boggs, 1st (10th-12th).
Web Site: 2nd (10th-12th): Kaden King, Elijah Boggs, Jackson Collinsworth, Timothy Wald, Caleb Boggs, Alec Fehring.
PowerPoint Presentation: Caleb Boggs, 1st (10th-12th).
Song Leading/Songs of Praise: Timothy Wald, 2nd (9th), Caleb Boggs, 1st (12th).
Song Leading – Winner's Circle: Alec Fehring, 3rd (10th-12th).
Speech: Brylee King, 3rd (6th), Sam Collinsworth, 3rd (7th), Timothy Wald, 1st (9th), Caleb Boggs, 3rd (12th), Alec Fehring, 1st (12th).
Speech – Winner's Circle: Kaden King, 1st

Congratulations to all our Lads to Leaders and Leaderettes participants on an excellent year! If your kids have not been involved in Lads to Leaders, be sure to have them get involved this fall!
Lads to Leaders and Leaderettes fare well at convention

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