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Weekly Bulletins
By Casey Flint

“All that you say I will do.” This wonderful attitude, taken from Ruth 3:5, was the theme for this year’s Lads to Leaders and Leaderettes Convention. On Easter weekend, 51 adults and kids from Hillcrest made the annual trek to Memphis, TN, to spend three awesome days with nearly 2,000 other Christians in a time of fellowship, encour-agement, and worship, along with a little friendly competition. The LTL Convention serves as a time for our young people to polish the skills they have learned, and to be awarded for their hard work. While giving speeches and leading songs generally seems to garner the most attention, our students also participated in Bible Bowl, Art Says It, and other events in Memphis. A lot of the kids also participated in year-round catego-ries back at home, such as Good Samaritan (performing good deeds and service projects for others), learning valuable life skills as Providers (young men) and Keepers (young women), and presenting information to oth-ers via articles, bulletins, and power point presentations.

Many awards were presented over the course of the weekend, and the Hillcrest group came home with 56 different medals, ribbons, and trophies! Here are just a few of those awards:

In Articles and Editorials, Jonathan Tribbey, Emma Tribbey, and Tim Wald all took 1st place in their respective grade categories.

Lorelai Yost received 2nd place in PowerPoint Presentations (3rd through 6th grade).

Hannah Fehring received a Bronze medal for her work in year-round bulletin boards. Our young ladies did great!

In Songs of Praise: Kailyn Daniels got 2nd place (6th grade), Brylee King, 2nd place (8th grade), and Annie Flint, Grace Boggs, and Hannah Fehring were finalists.

In Speech: Brylee King took 2nd place (8th grade), while Kailyn Daniels, Hannah Fehring, and Emma Tribbey were finalists.

Our young men did great, too! In Song Leading: Sam Collinsworth garnered 2nd place (9th grade), Junior Collinsworth, 2nd place (10th grade), and Jackson Collinsworth, 3rd place (11th grade).

 In Speech: Sam Collinsworth placed 1st (9th grade) and Kaden King took 1st place (10th through 12th grade winner’s circle). Two of our young men, Elijah Boggs and Kaden King, were also asked to help lead in the big worship service on Sunday morning.

Our students did great in Bible Bowl, as well, with Jonathan Tribbey, Grace Boggs, and Kaden King all receiving awards for high scores.

Lads to Leaders has been proven to help our young people grow in the Lord and remain faithful to Him. Thank you to all the parents and students for participating, and a great big thank you to Peter Wald for heading up the program again this year!

Looking back on another year of Lads to Leaders

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